Discover the words of Fancy Pants

The Fancy Pants game series is an addicting action adventure game. The main character is the stick figure wearing bell-bottom pants. In Fancy Pants 1, you will simply guide the weird-looking guy in is journey while collecting swirls and avoiding obstacles. In Fancy Pants 2, you will help him run after the rabbit who stolen his ice cream. He also gets to change the color of his pants. Fancy Pants 3 introduced a lot of new enemies such as parrots, frogs, rabbits, bats and ninjas.


In here, Fancy Pants needs to save his sister Cutie Pants from the pirates who kidnapped her. Finding his brother in Fancy Pants 4, he also found out that he made a deal with the same pirates who kidnapped his sister and so Fancy has to kill the pirates to liberate his brother. Fancy Pants 5 is a continuation of the adventure. Fancy Pants Adventure is more on collecting trophies while Fancy Pants Remix is about purchasing keys to unlock doors.


Teach kids and help them in activities in Carrie the Caregiver 2

Help preschoolers to develop their hand skills and artistic mind in school. Carrie the Caregiver 2 is a fun and educational game that will set you clicking and running, reaching out a helping hand for kids. Help Carrie run her school and guide the kids in learning different skills. Cheer up the little ones and get a warm piece of appreciation from them. Make sure that you don’t blow a nerve because these kids will bring you a lot of trouble. Test out your strategic planning and composure in this game.

Carrie the Caregiver 2 (1)

You play as Carrie and the goal of the game is to get your students in your classes to teach them the basics. You will be running a classroom with desks and tables. Depending on what activity you are teaching, kids will come one by one and you will place them on a table with the same color as their shirt. Since they are not yet capable of preparing the things that they need, you will help Carrie give out all their needs once they seat on their desks. With over 75 levels and lots of room upgrades, you will be playing this game for a long time. There are also mini games that you can try out to loosen up your tired fingers.

Riding like a pro with the pros in FMX Team

Helmet and racing gloves, check. Knee and elbow pads, check. Loud and fast motorcycle, check. In FMX Team you need all these things to show off your most awesome tricks. Move to higher events and line up with the best motorbike riders in the world. How many tricks can you pull up in the air after gravity pulls you down? Get to choose from 3 of the best riders and jump your way out of the tournaments.

FMX Team (3)

Each rider has their own signature move that you can use for higher score. You can only move on to the next event after reaching the score needed. As you proceed, there will be shorter tracks, making it harder to score as there will be fewer chances for you to pull up a trick. After few attempts of not finishing a course, your driver will be tired and you cannot use it for a while. Although there are no upgrades for your bike or your rider the game is really fun and exciting, there are lot of varieties of tricks to be unlocked.

Do not get lost in The Mob Job

Would you like to know how it feels to be a part of a gangster? Do you love to drive so much? Then join the Mob Job. It is a unique criminal organization because they do not use guns. Instead of guns, they use wheels or cars. And you will be working with them as their wheelman. They will give you instructions, some of those are who you get or pick up, where you will bring them, and other commands that will be given to you on the screen as you play on.

You must drive as fast as you can for you are under time pressure as you do the assigned task to you. The map is very essential in the accomplishment of your assignment. It will help you not to be lost for when you lose your way, it consumes time to look for the right way.

The Mob Job (1)

Another high jumping adventure in Fancy Pants 5

Fancy Pants 5 is the fifth installment from the cute and popular flash game series called Fancy Pants. The main character in this game is a cute stick figure who wears green fancy pants from which the title was created. This is a great platform game with many features that are improved and upgraded. Smooth graphics and visual effects are highly improved since this is already the fifth offering. This is the best game for individuals who want to relax and unwind. If you want to know more about this game, you can easily scan and skim this article.


The goal of the players is still the same with the previous ones which is to navigate through various platforms in each level as well as surviving the game in the end. There are still hinders or enemies found in the platform such as spiders and mobs. You can run or jump over them. Collect swirls for higher scores too. Do all of the fun at now!

Get the bunnies back in Where are my Bunnies

Where are my Bunnies is a flash game about rabbits or bunnies. This is created and developed by This is a game that will surely be loved by many gamers around the world especially kids. There are two things that you have to look forward into playing this cute and challenging game. First is the story which is interesting and worth-knowing. Second is the game play which is fun, exciting and challenging at certain parts.

The story in this game is that the farmer who owns many bunnies lost them all in an unprecedented situation. Your goal is to help the farmer bring back the bunnies which are scattered in the woods and other places near the farm. Your objective is to catch them one by one. There will be situations given that you have to utilize the things or objects given in each level. Make sure that you will be able to catch the bunnies and bring back the life in the farm again.


Play a steady hand in Tattoo Artist 3

Tattoo Artist 3 is the third installment from the game series created by Game Pill and sponsored by AddictingGames which is Tattoo Artist. Obviously, this is all about tattooing. A tattoo has lots of meaning to people. Some find it as a sign of something memorable that they don’t want to forget. Others find it as a way to express their feelings or emotions. While for a few, it has sentimental and cultural values.

Going back with the game, this third installment has a lot to offer in terms of graphics and game play. The mission of the gamers who will be indulging with this game is to create the preferred tattoo of ten varied customers. You must be able to create the tattoo with almost perfection to advance and win in this game. You must play a steady hand and stay calm the whole process. Tattoo Artist 3 is perfect for creative people and those who are curious about tattoos.

Tattoo Artist 3 (1)

Be the best soldier in Sniper Team 4

Do you want to be a soldier now or in the near future? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely love the topic that this article is presenting at the moment. This is all about the flash game called Sniper Team 4. This is the fourth installment from the game series called Sniper Team. But before we move on to further details, let us briefly tackle two reasons why being a soldier is a noble one. First is because of the tough and rigid training that one has to undergo before he or she can move on to the next round or training. Second is because one’s life is always in danger whenever he or she is on deployment.


Going back to the game, this is a great game for shooting action seeker out there. The mission or goal in this fourth offering is to shoot the enemies while infiltrating their base. You will have to utilize the sniper with precision and accuracy. So what are you waiting for? Play it now and have a blast!

Collide the blocks in Colliderix

Are you familiar with Colliderix? Do you know anything about this thing? Is it a movie, a television series or a flash game? If you are totally clueless, let this article help you be aware about Colliderix. This is actually an example of a flash game. This is created by Bgames and has been serving tremendous entertainment and adventure to gamers around the world since 2010. There are two reasons why you will love this particular game. First is because of the involvement of colorful objects and shapes that children and even adults will surely love. Second is because of the incorporation of Physics in it which will make it a worthy or valuable game for all ages.

Colliderix (4)

The main goal of anyone who wants to deal with this game is to wisely and creatively collide the blocks with the same colors. This is not an easy goal because the levels get tougher and harder which requires tremendous strategical and logical thinking from the players. You must be able to unleash your timing and knowledge in basic Physics.

Defeat the evil pirates in Fancy Pants 3

Fancy Pants 3 is the third installment from the game series called Fancy Pants. This edition presents new features such as cool themes, designs and backgrounds which will surely be enjoyed by many gamers around the world. There are two reasons why this new offering will be your favorite game. First is because it involves a lot of challenging action that will surely excite any players who will be dealing with it. Second is because of the cool and crazy character that the players will control and navigate throughout this game.

The role of the player in this game is to fight the evil pirates who have stolen loots from the king. Bring the loots to the king by defeating the enemies as well as collecting items that will boost your performance and scores at the end of this game. One thing that is great about this game is that the players will truly have fun playing.

Fancy Pants 3 (5)